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    flip and tumble Australia


    Clever, functional and eco-friendly design - all in a fun and quirky package.


    hetal and eva in flip and tumble studio

    That's exactly what Flip and Tumble is best at and we're now in Australia. The brand originates from the United States and started in a little red brick building, the home of Stanford’s Product Design program. It all started with a love of design and an idea of creating a line of bags that would always get used and more importantly loved.

    Each of our products has been made to fit seamlessly into your life and make you smile when you use them. It's never been easier for everyone to be kinder to our planet and tackle this War on Waste.

    Great Design Happy Customers

    desk at flip and tumble

    A PEEK.

    Have a little look into the US design studio. This is the Flip and Tumble work table, where ideas are created, refined and designed. Sometimes we make a mess, sometimes we make something beautiful.

    Sometimes those are one and the same.

    colorful table top at flip and tumble


    Cheery yellows, poppy pinks, cool blues. We love them all! We can’t bear to pick just one. That’s one of the reasons our palettes have so many colors.


    This is the real team behind the scenes. We’re really lucky to have an amazing factory that’s been working with us for the past 8 years.  We routinely do third-party audits based off of fair trade principles to ensure the workers are treated and paid fairly. Once we develop the designs, they’re the ones that bring them to life. It’s a pretty amazing process to watch, and it never gets old with each new bag style. We stock 24/7 reusable shopping bags, stylish tote bags, washable produce bags, drawstring backpacks and recycled fabric backpacks.